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​Allowing no limits in life, Janelle "J'Nelle" Richardson continues to persevere through obstacles as she becomes a star on the rise. Born in Tampa, FL and of Trinidadian decent, her passion and gift for music was developed at a young age of 4 years old. As a vocal producer, singer, vocal coach, and songwriter, her gifts have been used as an encouraging message worldwide through her fascinating work of art.

Her passion goes beyond the singer and songwriter that she is known to be. J'Nelle is very versatile when it comes to music as a whole. The up and coming star is touching places around the world with her infusion of RnB and Soca genres. With her latest single and EP, J'Nelle is venturing out to her Trinidadian roots and reaching out to the masses worldwide. 

Alongside launching her brand Queen Talk, J'Nelle released her fourth album Mirror on August 20, 2021, which charted #15 on the Itunes RnB/Soul Charts. With her persistency to become one of the most versatile artists of all time, she continues to strive and excel in the industry with a positive message through her wondrous work of art. J'Nelle is succeeding in pouring her music all around the globe and reinventing the music culture.

"J'Nelle's vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

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