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"Deep inside, been energy. No more playing hide and seek."

Experience limitless living with Janelle "J'Nelle" Richardson, a rising star from Tampa, FL, with roots in Trinidad. She discovered her love for music at just 4 years old and has since become a powerhouse as a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach.


J'Nelle's music isn't confined to one style; she blends R&B and Soca sounds, connecting with audiences worldwide. Her latest songs explore her Trinidadian background and resonate with listeners everywhere.


Beyond music, J'Nelle launched her brand Creatology and released her fourth album, "Mirror 2021," which hit #15 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Charts. More music is on the horizon as she continues to spread positivity through her artistry.


With her unstoppable drive, J'Nelle isn't just making music—she's reshaping the global music scene, one song at a time.





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Love Your Voice 101


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